Riding through my North Flint neighborhood, it warmed my heart to see the American flag hanging from the gate of a longtime Flint residents. This said 2 me that although so much is going on in our commUNITY & world those impacted & suffering the most still believe in the possibility of a United States 4 ALL men, women, & children regardless of race, class, sex & other differences. .As a Military Veteran, I enlisted in the Army because I care about people & our Nation as a whole . I wholeheartedly believe in the concept & practice of freedom, liberty, & justice FOR ALL PEOPLE, particularly the disadvantaged, weak, marginalized, etc. What I see & experience in 2day’s society and what I feel @ times as an American Citizen is 2 totally different things. Reflecting on these thoughts, I asked my 19 year old daughter what the flag means 2 her. She said, freedom & equality. I asked her if she feels this feedom & equality pertains 2 her as an African American Woman, she said yes. This gives me hope When I enlisted in the Military, I did it because I believed in something bigger than myself, something I was willing to sacrifice my life for. I still have this belief & hope 2day that Freedom, Liberty, Justice & Equality 4 All Humankind means together We can achieve an equitable, just humane living as a UNITED PEOPLE as symbolized and expressse by the American Flag of the United States of America. ~To my fellow Vets, Thanks you 4 your service. For those, we loss, May You rest peacefully. Thank you 4 your sacrifice. Our individual and collective work continues.

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