Flint Post Commander

As WE continue to work towards a societal structure which values ALL people & eliminates deep rooted racism from systems seen & unseen. I could not help but capture a picture with this beautiful young lady who reminded me of the struggle, sacrifice, progress, & accomplishments we’ve made as men & women of color. But more importantly, this young lady brought to my remembrance the beauty, & strength of the woman & how instrumental her role is to society, our home, community, & beyond. I often hear, and I have said it too, there are not enough black Michigan State Police. Lately, I have seen more & more. Well Today, I had the pleasure to meet this beautiful, courageous, black, female MI State Police officer. I hope these images of HOPE will encourage others to be part of the Solution and help to bring about Change from the inside out.

In addition, the new 1st Lt. Flint Post Commander is a Black woman who has been working to ” bridge the racial divide.”Her name is F/Lt. Brantley 🙏🏾👐🏾🙌🏾💪🏿

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